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If you are a student going to college, there are some options for affordable health insurance.

Many college students find themselves no longer covered by their parent's health insurance for a variety of reasons. It can be daunting to think how you could afford a health insurance premium while you're strapped for cash, but at the same time health care costs could wipe out your finances in the event of illness or injury. So what can you do to find cheap health insurance

Several health insurance companies offer special plans for college students. Undergraduate and graduate students enrolled with at least 9 credits can take advantage of individual health insurance designed for their needs. These plans are usually portable and allow you to choose physicians at home or in college. They also provide coverage year-round. The premiums are often more affordable than regular health insurance and you can usually get coverage starting right away. 

In order to buy a student health insurance plan, you typically need to be an eligible college student between the ages of 17 and 29. An eligible undergraduate student is often defined as a person carrying at least nine credit hours. An eligible graduate student must meet the graduate student guidelines of the college or university for full-time student status. The college or university must be state-accredited and within the United States. 

If you do not meet the eligibility guidelines for college health insurance, you may want to look into short term health insurance. has provided access to top companies that can help students get quotes and compare health plans. Simply enter your Zip code and click "Get Quotes" in the box above to get started. 

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