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Some things to expect when getting quotes:

Information that may be requested

Life insurance companies may ask many questions to determine your quote. The reason they ask this information is to assess what risk group you fall into, and thus what rating classification you would be given. 

You may be asked about your:

— Age and gender

— Smoking habits, weight, current medical history and family medical history

— Occupation, hobbies and travel plans

— Driving record and credit history

Life insurance risk groupings

Applicants usually fall into one of the following rate classifications:

Preferred Best or Super Preferred: Take no medications, proportionate height and weight, no major health issues, clean credit and a stellar driving history.

Preferred: In good shape physically, but may be on a medication or two. May be slightly overweight, but other risk factors are minor.

Standard Plus: Slightly above average health wise, but may have some adverse family history, or may have quit smoking recently.

Standard: Average. Most of those with weight issues are classified standard, as are those who quit smoking less than three to five years ago.

Preferred Tobacco/Standard Tobacco: All smokers are placed in this category, no matter how healthy otherwise.

Table Ratings: Those not qualifying for a more favorable quote. Includes people with diabetes, cancer, obesity and other serious illnesses. The lower the table rating, the higher the insurance quote.

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Finding affordable life insurance begins with comparison shopping. Life insurance rates vary from company to company and can help you save time and money getting quotes.

Protecting your loved ones and your assets with life insurance is a good financial decision. Life insurance can help take care of people who depend on your income -- your children, spouse or other dependents. It can help pay for funeral and burial costs, estate taxes and some permanent life policies can build cash value and supplement your retirement savings.

There are two basic types of life insurance: Term and whole (or permanent). Term life insurance is simple; it pays a death benefit for a set length of time. This is an affordable choice for families who want to provide income replacement, and protect their home for their families. 

Whole life insurance has a few variations including universal life and variable life. It is more costly than term, but provides protection for life instead of a set length of time. It also provides the opportunity to accumulate cash value which can be withdrawn before death. 

When you're shopping for life insurance quotes, take a few minutes to estimate how much coverage you might need. You can refine this figure when you find a quote you like. Use these same figures when comparing different life insurance company quotes. 

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Some other points to keep in mind: Savings Tip:

One of the big factors affecting your life insurance rate is age. The sooner you buy, the better. Try to buy before an upcoming birthday. And if you're buying level term life insurance, you could save more with a longer term … for example 20 years instead of 10 years.
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