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An annual review of your auto insurance policy helps make sure you’re getting the best car insurance value for your situation.

When your car insurance policy goes into effect, the coverages and rates are based upon your situation at the time you took out the policy. Your "situation" would include such factors as the type of car you drive, how many miles you drive in a week, month or year, your age and more. 

Of course we all know how fast our situations can change, which is why it's important to review your auto insurance coverage on a regular basis. A change in your life could change the insurance protection you need. 

Some of the changes that could affect your policy include:

Changing jobs. This could cause you to change your driving habits. Maybe you're driving less and can now qualify for a low mileage discount.

Economics and your deductible. You may want to change your deductible -- either up or down -- depending upon your current financial situation. Will you have the money to pay a higher deductible? If so, you could lower your car insurance costs.

A birthday. You may be in a more favorable age class for rating. For example a car insurance for young drivers who turn 25 may become less expensive if other factors haven't changed. 

Adding an anti-theft device. You may qualify for a discount.

Age of your vehicle. As your vehicle gets older, you may want to review your comprehensive coverage needs.

Rates at other auto insurance companies may have changed. Sometimes new insurers start doing business in your state, or companies change their rates since you last got a quote. It pays to periodically compare auto insurance quotes to see if you can lower your premium. 

When should you review policy? Unless something significant happens, like you buy or sell a vehicle or add a new driver to the policy, a good time to review your coverages is when your policy is up for renewal. This could be every six months or annually. You can do the review with your agent or on your own.

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