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Financing dental work shouldn’t scare you away from the dentist.

Paying for dental costs. It seems to get more expensive every time we visit a dentist. Of course, new technologies that improve both care and comfort plus rising costs of materials contribute to the increase dental treatment costs.

But paying for it can still be tough in this economy — especially if you lost or don’t have group benefits from an employer. So what are some of the ways you can finance dental costs?

Dentists typically take cash, personal checks or major credit cards for payment. If you have no dental insurance and you need work done right away, talk to your dental provider about payment plans if you don’t have the money on hand. They usually work with a third-party finance company, similar to the companies that set up credit accounts with a department store or other retail business.

Once approved, you could then get the treatment done and just pay monthly payments. You may also have the option to get revolving credit so you could finance dental treatment for other members of your family.

Going into debt isn’t always palatable (no pun intended), so another option is a discount dental plan. This is a membership plan, where you pay an annual fee. Dental providers who participate in the plan’s network agree to offer discounted fees on a variety of procedures (with savings of 10 to 60 percent) to members. Many of the plans can activate within three days of joining, so this may be a good option if you need some work done right away. Some discount plans even offer savings on getting braces (orthodontia) or cosmetic dentistry such as teeth whitening.

You can also find affordable dental insurance plans by shopping around. Make sure to compare plans to see if they have the right coverages, deductibles and dental care providers for your needs. Also, note the limits to coverage and yearly maximums. Most dental insurance plans will only cover up to a certain amount each year, and that limit can easily be reached. In that case, many people finance through a payment plan for an additional costs.

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