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Thinking of buying long term care insurance? Some things to 

keep in mind.

When comparing quotes from different long term care insurance companies, think about the following so you can get an apples-to-apples comparison: 

1. How much does the policy cost per month and per year? 

2. Is there an inflation adjustment feature, and how much extra is it? 

3. What services are covered? (Nursing home, at-home care, assisted living care, adult daycare, etc.) 

4. For each of the services covered, how much does the policy pay per day? How long does the benefit last per service? Is there a lifetime benefit maximum? 

5. How long do you need to wait until benefits start? 

6. Are pre-existing conditions covered? How long after a pre-existing condition do you need to wait? 

7. Does the policy cover mental and nervous disorders including Alzheimer’s disease? 

8. Is the policy guaranteed renewable? Does it come with a 30-day free look period? 

9. Does the long term care insurance company have a financially strong rating from an independent rating agency? You want the company to be around when you need the coverage. 

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