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Introduction to health insurance for individuals and families.

Most people think of health insurance as coverage they can get to help pay for doctor and hospital visits and care. However there are many different types of policies that are considered health insurance. For example, disability or disability income insurance is a type of health insurance that can provide income that’s lost due to an accident or disease preventing you from working. 

Long term care insurance is also a type of health insurance policy that helps cover the costs of nursing home care, home health care and other services needed for long term care. 

But when most people talk about individual or affordable family health insurance, they mean health insurance that covers medical emergencies, doctor visits, prescription drugs, hospital care, surgeries, etc. Most often these are policies you can purchase through an employer, a group, an association or directly from a health insurance company. 

Basically, there are indemnity or fee-for-service, and managed care approaches to these types of health insurance policies. 

With an indemnity or fee-for-service policy, you usually pay for the services – such as a doctor visit – and then submit a claim form to the health insurance company to reimburse you for the expenses that they cover. The amount they reimburse may range from 100 percent to 80 percent of the costs. Also, you usually have a deductible and a maximum yearly limit to coverage. 

With a managed care plan you become a member of an HMO, PPO or POS organization. You receive financial incentives – such as no deductibles – with these plans and in return you typically must use the doctors and service providers in their network.

You can easily get FREE health insurance quotes for families and individuals by entering your Zip code and clicking "Get Quotes" in the box above. can link you up with several top companies to help you find the right health insurance plan. When you get your quotes, be sure to look carefully at the different health insurance plans and companies and make sure you understand what’s covered and what your responsibility is.

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